Through the use of the extractive material on site (natural split stones with very compact uniform structure) the Company intends to put a rigid transportable gabion on the market, to be used in parks, in hydrogeological areas, in environmental recovery, in agricultural areas fences, to implement retention and defense works along roads and highways, linked to civil and industrial construction works, to the defense of the shore lines of watercourses from erosion, such as bridles to be collocated perpendicularly and transversely.

As well as offering the product, the company intends to establish a collaboration with the client, form the project phase to the delivery and final test, ensuring technical assistance on site.
Depending on the kind of extractive material (uniform/not uniform limestone of various thickness), the company has devised a rigid transportable gabion, with an electronically welded fence, parallelepiped or cubic shaped, with uniform/not uniform stonemason.

Characteristics of the transportable gabion, the product is proposed in a dual typology:

• Rigid vibrated gabion with one side exposed and further requests by the client;

• Rigid vibrated gabion with not uniform material in bulk.

The artifact shows the flowing characteristics:

Rigidity: The gabion is composed by an electronically welded galvanized mesh, which ensures lasting quality over time, with a 55x200 mm section, wire diameter Ø 5,5 mm. This technical choice provides the gabion a rigid configuration, which guarantees static functions. The artifact rigidity is obtained by an innovative system of vibration, which allows the content to be further compacted.
Transportability: The metallic gabion ensures the movement, with no excessive incidence of additional costs. The gabion handling for the loading, unloading and siting operation is carried out “with comb and lifting equipment”, which are offered for free by the company to the clients.
This kind of handling system, devised and designed by the company, ensures and facilitates the siting operation, avoiding damages and consequent deformation of the steel gabion.

The boxlike element, electronically welded galvanized steel in mm. 55x200 rectangular mesh, is completed by the filling of exposed stones, uniform/not uniform, manually collocated, or with other natural stones, depending on the request. According to the specific use, the gabion can be disposed in separate overlaid rows, requiring – in some cases - preventative foundation works.
Safe assembly Speed
The implementation of the works happens in a short time period, because of the transport facility and the single modules handling. Easy is also the relocation of the modules to other sites, whenever changes to the implemented works are prevented. The gabion structure allows the modules overlapping up to 20 feet height, depending on the ground stability and the lateral boost which they are subjected.
The use of the rigid gabion ensures:
- Fast assembly implementation, particularly useful in case of urgency;
- Greater resistance to generic act of vandalism;
- Structure Deformability, with no leak of filling material, in case of accidental collision with vehicles.

Electronically welded fence panels
The main characteristics of the rigid gabion are the permeability and the reduced environmental impact, served by a natural inclusion in the landscape context. The modular works which the artifact allows to achieve are:
a) Street furniture;
b) Embankments;
c) Naturalistic engineering works;
d) Erosion management;
e) Support works;
f) Retaining walls
g) Consolidation sides;
h) Fences for households and agricultural properties;
i) Structural works for civil and industrial engineering.

The fence
Made of steel wire, hot-dip galvanized after the welding, provides the artifact a significant resistance to corrosion

Internal Tensioners
The internal tensioners have the task to avoid the damaging of the Gabion during the filling and vibrating phase. At the same time they give greater rigidity during the handling. They are made of galvanized steel bars, which have the same characteristics of the fence.


The rigid gabion is composed by three elements:


Type Length (L) cm Depth (D) cm Height cm N° Tensioners P N° Tensioners L Filling weight (kg)
A 200 100 100 12 5 3.200
B 200 50 100 12 5 1.600
C 100 100 100 4 4 1.600
D 100 50 100 4 4 800

Clearly, for orders of at least 200 gabions, it will be possible to change the standard dimensions in production.

Clearly, for orders of at least 200 gabions, it will be possible to change the standard dimensions in production.



The Gabion is filled with uniform material, which has a high specific weight, good hardness, not easily damaged by the freeze and not friable, as certified in the test report n. 686-17/AG of IPM srl on 24th October 2017, here attached.


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The net is made of steel wire whose 100% hot galvanizing coating, after welding, gives the product a considerable resistance to corrosion. The characteristics of the network and galvanizing are certified and summarized by the test report n. 682-17 / AC of the I.P.M. LTD of 19/10/2017, which is attached.

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